For Whom Is This Service?

Individuals 18 years or older who have experienced grief and loss and wish to learn methods and tools to recover from emotional pain.

Per the Grief Recovery Institute: “Grief is the conflicting group of human emotions caused by an end to or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.” (The Grief Recovery Handbook by John W.James and Russell Friedman, page 97)

Individuals who have experienced any of the following: Loss of a loved one, pet, divorce, ending of a relationship, moving, changes in health, finances, mistreatment and others.

Grief Resources compiled by Carola Stepper, RN, CHPN, LAc Download this information for free, Carola hopes this is helpful information. Feel free to share it!

Benefits Of This Service

The individual is further along on their recovery from emotional pain. They feel a level of completion with the emotional relationship with the person involved or with the event which caused them grief. They might have more energy, feel lighter and others who know them might notice changes as well.

Per evidence based research: The exposure to the Grief Recovery Method led to statistically significant improvements in grievers’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to grief.


What’s Included?

The Grief Recovery Method is a non denominational and evidence-based action-oriented process for effectively assisting grievers in dealing with personal emotional loss, no matter the cause.

These Grief Recovery classes are based on The Grief Recovery Handbook by John W.James and Russell Friedman This book has been shared for over 40 years, on six of seven continents and has been translated into more than 20 languages. It is available on Audible.

Carola Stepper offers One on One Grief Recovery Method classes, 1 hour per week on Zoom for 7 weeks.

Based on book “The Grief Recovery Handbook – The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce and other Losses, including Health, Career, and Faith” by John W. James and Russell Friedman.

  • Participants agree to confidentiality, each class.
  • Participants read The Grief Recovery Handbook during the 7 weeks and do home (better called “heart-“) work.
  • These kinds of classes have been life changing for many, many participants!
  • The book is included in the class fee.
  • All participants will have a free phone call with Carola Stepper prior to starting the class. 

Carola Stepper also offers:

Helping Children with Loss Group classes in person in the Columbia Gorge:

4 weekly Classes for Adults to help Children deal with Losses

Based on the book “When Children Grieve – For Adults to Help Children Deal with Death, Divorce, Pet Loss, Moving and Other Losses” by John W. James and Russel Friedman with Dr Leslie Landon Matthews.

This program is designed to teach parents, and others who work with children, the necessary tools to help children effectively deal with their broken hearts, no matter the loss they are facing.

The Grief Recovery Institute has many trained Grief Recovery Method Specialists who offer the following group classes online:




I completed the Grief Recovery Method class with Carola. Thank you for the expert guidance and care. I felt safe, supported and empowered and I feel better! Thank you also for being a great facilitator, so thoughtful and sincere. Carola is committed to the healing process! I highly recommend the Grief Recovery Method class with Carola. It is powerfully therapeutic!  – M.K.


Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist certified by the Grief Recovery Institute

A genuine desire to help individuals who are experiencing grief

View my micro site on the Grief Recovery Institute’s website.

Carola Stepper is not a Licensed Mental Health Professional. If you are experiencing an emotional crisis, please call/text the National Suicide Prevention line: 988 Available 24/7 in multiple languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do people usually need to receive those services?

Most individuals finish one 8 week class, then they have the tools which they can apply to other losses.

Sometimes individuals choose to return for another grief recovery class, as a refresher as this class has been very impactful in their life.

Is this service covered by insurance? How much does it cost?

Please click here for the Fee Schedule.

I am busy, can this be done in less than 8 weekly classes?

Sorry no, because it is evidence based and involves reading and assignments in between classes, it can only be offered in the 8 week format which is approved by the Grief Recovery Institute.

How is the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) different from other grief support programs?
  • The GRM is an action-based program that involves reading and writing assignments as outlined in “The Grief Recovery Handbook”.

  • The GRM teaches grievers tools which they can apply to other losses.

  • The GRM is a time-limited program – with a set number of classes, depending on whether one is working the program alone or in a group. If done in the group format, it is not a “drop in” group, meaning that those who participate are there throughout the entire program, to help build the sense of safety and trust.

  • During a group class, participants share personal experiences with 1-3 other participants, typically not with the Grief Recovery Method Specialist.

  • The GRM is facilitated by a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

  • Consider reading this article: 5 Ways the Grief Recovery Method is Different from Traditional Grief Support”
What are the 6 myths about dealing with grief, according to the “Grief Recovery Handbook” (page 26-35)?
  • Don’t feel bad. For example: A child’s dog dies and they are being told “Don’t cry – we’ll get you a new dog.” “Don’t cry…” Meaning: Don’t feel bad.

  • Replace the loss. For example: A child’s dog dies and they are being told: “… we’ll get you a new dog.” Meaning: Replace the loss.

  • Grieve alone. For example: Comments like “If you are going to cry, go to your room.” or “Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.” Meaning: Grieve alone.

  • Just give it time. For example: Comments like “Time heals all wounds.” Meaning: Just give it time. Per the Grief Recovery Book, page 32: “Time itself does not heal; it is what you do within time that will help you complete the pain caused by loss.”

  • Be strong for others. For example: Comments like “We have to be strong for your brother.” Meaning: Be strong for others.

  • Keep busy. For example: Comments like “You have to keep busy.” or, “You must stay active.” Meaning: Keep busy.


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The Grief Recovery Method – Guide for Loss

61 tips on the experience of grief and how to help people through it.

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